Denny Love

a celebration of love and life


Soul. Funk. Sex. Love. Life. Denny Love.

A Native of Central New York, Denny grew up in a hardworking Italian-American family setting the tone for his no-nonsense and driven attitude. It comes through in his music, reminiscent of Prince, Michael Jackson, and James Brown, of which are all of his main influences since he began on the piano and studying voice at age 3.

His accolades include many awards and competition wins, talent scholarships, to his Alma Mater of Syracuse University, many national anthems and countless New York City gigs where his band is based. 

Grounded in Denny's unmatched songwriting, his buttery soft yet powerful tenor backed by a robust  group of musicians from various backgrounds, the experience of seeing and hearing Denny Love is an incomparable expression of soulful Pop/R&B and high energy showmanship.  

He commands the stage with fervor rarely seen since the golden age of soul and funk.  His lyrics have sex appeal.  His songs are a celebration of love and life. You name it, Denny Love's got it. 

               The Denny Love Band

                 Denny Love (Lead Vocals)

                 Sabrina Cunningham (Backing vocals)

                Josh Upton (Backing vocals)

                     Chevonne (Keyboards and backing vocals)

                   Gregorio Hernandez (Trombone)

                 Justin Wiggins (Guitar)

                   Arthur Sadowsky (Bass)

                   Adam Karnas (Drums)